Welcome to Happy Pregnancy!

Wish you a Happy Pregnancy !

Wish you a very Happy Pregnancy!

Happy Pregnancy is a basic app designed for women expecting child birth.

The Features of this application include:

1. Due Date Calculator
2. Statistics include Trimester Info, Fetal Age, Pregnancy Weeks, baby drawings & pregnancy stage info.
3. Pregnancy weight gain estimator.
4. Contraction Timer / Baby kicks.
5. Discussion forum.
6. Random facts.
7. App Widget for your home screen.
8. Schedule you Doctor Visit, Scan, Blood diagnosis, etc and make it appear in the app widget.
9. Option to show all week pregnancy stage information.
10. Option to show all facts.
11. Back up of your baby kicks and contraction timer data by the way of sending it your email.
12. Ovulation Planner for women planning for pregnancy.

We believe you will find all these features useful. Don�t expect too much in designs as design element of this is very simple, we can even say it as basic design. Depending upon your feedbacks and suggestion, Happy Pregnancy app will be continuously upgraded to make it a quality app.

Happy Pregnancy is our First Android App. I think it�s worth trying this app for free! If you like this app, support us by rating and commenting the app!