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fathers day!
« on: June 13, 2013, 01:10:38 am »
So, im still prego but decided to do something sweet for hubs for fathers day. He treated me like a dang queen on my bday last week so i guess he deserves it lol I think im going to break down and buy him aa Wii U. Its like the newest nintendo system. Hes been talking about it like crazy so i figure ah what the hell, even if it is 350 dollars. He suspects nothing. Muahahaha my evil plan is working. :) what are yalls plans for your men this dads day!? And am idumb for going all out? Idk. I just figure why not spend it on him whilee i can before i only spoil baby! I can never shop for me, it only makes me feel guilty like i dont really need it. So i spoil the ones i love instead.