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: Good morning
: JenFerrari November 24, 2012, 10:15:34 AM
What's everyone doing today? I need some happiness today, so everyone chat it up :)
: Re: Good morning
: Danicasmommy November 24, 2012, 10:22:45 AM
relaxing may start chrismas decoeating. My lo had a rough night first one since shes been born so we may just relax. U
: Re: Good morning
: Expecting4thKiddo November 24, 2012, 10:23:24 AM
Good morning hun, i am in a super happy mood, my 12 yr old son just told me he wants a microphone for his ps3, and wants to give the rest of his xmas present to charity, it made me so proud of him, plus i have the sweetest 2 1/2 week old in my arms, :) life is good
: Re: Good morning
: JenFerrari November 24, 2012, 10:43:56 AM
It's just after 7:30am... I work 6:45-3, then I HOPE to decorate! I wanna see some friend(s) too. I need some xtra lovin today.

Expecting... Thats sweet :)
: Re: Good morning
: mommieof2 November 24, 2012, 10:45:54 AM
Good morning sweetie im up thanking the lord for my daughter who will be one in 3 days im excited and laying next to the most handsome little man my prince he 1 week and 4 days im so happy besides that i think i may cook my fiance a nice dinner and try to take it easy almost had a set back but im well how u doing today
: Re: Good morning
: Imagine Love November 24, 2012, 01:27:57 PM
We decorated the living room and bathrooms yesterday, so I spent today putting garland and lights up in my baby girl's room. Now I'm enjoying a little peace and quiet while she naps. ;0)
: Re: Good morning
: JenFerrari November 24, 2012, 03:34:14 PM
We're watching the U of O vs OSU civil war, at work. Waiting for 3pm to hit so I can get outa here!
: Re: Good morning
: bm61798 November 24, 2012, 03:55:07 PM
Putting up christmas decorations also. I love the holiday season it is fun with the kids. Everyone have a great day.
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